Ideas Worth Spreading

Yep, more than 1 year later and I’ll quickly pop here to share some of the videos that I have in my mind lately on approaching creativity and innovation. Nothing much to say, just wanted to share these. They are all TED Talks from different events but mainly about education, creativity and their role in the work place. I hope you enjoy and that these challenge the way you think even if you don´t agree with them.

1. Sir Ken Robinson on “Do schools kill creativity?”

2. Salman Khan on “Let’s use video to reinvent education”

3. Daniel Pink on “The Surprising Science of Motivation”

4. Steven Johnson on “Where good ideas come from” (not as entertaining as the others but a great demystification on the matter)

5. Steve Keil on “A Manifesto for Play, for Bulgaria and Beyond”


E você? O que pensa a respeito?

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