Open internet

If you’ve read my view on innovation it should be easier to me to make sense. At first, I’d like to share a movie that reached me as a recommendation from my brother through Google Reader. The video states what I’m trying to work with on my thesis: the potential the internet has to connect differences and hence build innovative capabilities to solve problems.

This statement illustrates social interaction as the driving force of innovation:“There’re some applications that never have occurred to me, to think about it, in the course of designing the network.” – Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist. The more people interact, the more the possibility of developing new possibilities, identifying new gaps between what there is and what could be. Interaction makes you aware of what have never occurred to you, and that might change the way you face your daily challenges.

Now, can you imagine the power we have to solve problems if all those unheard voices are given the chance to speak? How many questions would they raise from their experience? How many opportunities to question what is taken for granted? And not only question the established but also share knowledge and discuss possibilities, and develop roadmaps to changes.

It’s sad that some old mental models try to hold new developments and force them into their rusted frameworks. Perhaps if those would take the opportunity to question what they are doing, maybe they wouldn’t see their castles falling apart to some smart kid innovating the business model they have now.

Uma resposta to “Open internet”

  1. André Says:

    Não dá para olhar pro futuro com os olhos do passado.

    É preciso pensar diferente e arriscar novos pontos de vista, novas formas de agir.

    Estou gostando da sua linha de pesquisa cara.

    Abração e sucesso!

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