New beginning

It has been an interesting experience to think about what to do with this blog. My options aren’t that many but they represent quite some challenging opportunities. Of course I could simply kill it and very few people would notice it; but I decided to give it another try.

First, because I really want to say stuff. As simple as it may be, I think that getting opinions out helps you to reflect and elaborate on them – particularly in written forms. Still, it need not be put simplistically. I will often write in more academic formats, backing up my opinions with some those experts’ out there. But not today. Not today because this blog was an attempt to create academic discussions and I want to change its purpose. I don’t want it to be academic, but rather fill it with analyses from an innovation student perspective of the daily use of the term.

The second reason for me to keep this blog alive is that it will be an interesting exercise of forcing myself into understanding and building skills in the web sphere – my virtual social skills, so to speak. While I consider myself somewhat skillful in the real world, I must admit I’m pretty bad when it comes to web interactions. It may take while, but I’ll put effort into understanding what’s a blog for, and how it interacts with other tools on the web, for istance.

Last, and maybe least, I’ll keep this blog out of the hope that someday it may become part of an innovation discussion network. The more I read about it, the more I feel like it is necessary to interact as much as possible with as many different perspectives as there are available. Only by facing what’s different, it’s possible to identify opportunities to change – and do something new.

E você? O que pensa a respeito?

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