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For those of you who have gone through it, you know how much effort you need to put into something you want to be more than enough. My master thesis is this ‘something’ for me at the moment. Therefore I created this blog to share ideas, thoughts, authors and discuss them, get new insights, sources, especially because I’ll be dealing with areas that I haven’t read so much about.

My name is Marcelo, and I’m finishing my Masters in Innovation Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Dynamics (MIKE-B) at Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark. My focus area will knowledge management but from a web perspective.

Globalization have shattered the idea of centralization and vertical integration for most – if not all – companies. Networking, strategic alliances, transaction costs (particularly knowledge transactions) have become central not only to production through outsourcing, but also for new market and technology developments. The question that raises is…

How do companies and their partners interact across borders and geographical distance to share different kinds of knowledge aiming for innovation?

Hope you can help me turn the answer to this question into something outstanding.

E você? O que pensa a respeito?

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